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Structural Design

Symfoni Kamias 2 Project

RBRA’s team of professional engineers analyzes and design structures that can support and resist loads without failure during its intended life. The aim of the team is to design buildings that can sustain its purpose until its intended lifetime with adequate safety (strength and stability), serviceability (durability and stiffness) and the economy by keeping in mind the quality constraint of the materials and workmanship. The team ensures that the building is able to stand up safely, able to function without excessive deflections or movements that may cause fatigue of structural elements, cracking or failure of fixtures, fittings or partitions, or discomfort for occupants.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering

RBRA’s team of professional engineers applies a systematic and an organized approach to increase the value of products, satisfying the product’s performance requirements at the lowest possible cost. The team promotes the substitution of materials and methods with less expensive alternatives, without sacrificing functionality. The aim is to help clients creatively generate alternatives to secure essential functions at the greatest worth as opposed to costs.

Retrofitting Design

DLSU Canlubang Project

RBRA’s team of professional engineer assesses, analyzes old facilities and then adds the needed technology or features for the improvement and betterment of the old facility. The team amends the existing structures with additional components or new members. It promotes to create a high-performance building by applying the integrated key design for the project planning to ensure that all objectives are met.

Construction Management

Library Building 1 Project

RBRA’s team of professional engineers manages and inspects the construction progress, construction materials, and construction activity of the employees. The team motivates the group of experts who can quickly adapt, organize and troubleshoot. It means that most of the problems can be resolved efficiently in terms of balancing the cost according to its budget, work is delivered under its time line and of appropriately high quality project output.

Special Project

ETSI Dumaguete

RBRA’s Design Team provides detailed design and analysis for sewage treatment plants, power plants, airports, roads, bridges and other structures with special loadings and complex geometry. The team applies diverse design theories with consideration to the different code standards and references to have the most efficient design that satisfies both the serviceability requirement and performance criteria of the structure. We apply both our practical construction knowledge and engineering expertise to provide solutions to every project and their complexities in the design.


Our Lady of Candelaria Church (Paracale) Project

RBRA’s team of Professional Engineers recognizes the importance of preserving churches, belfry, old buildings and other heritage structures that have valuable environmental, social and economic asset to the community. The structural behavior and response of these structures are different from new buildings. Building codes do not cover the analysis of heritage structures and thus, analysis falls to the Structural Engineers. The team aims for innovations in the design for preservation and maintenance of these structures.